Mosquito Free Guaranteed

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*Half acre & under, 9 treatments remaining

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Mosquito Free Guaranteed

Starting at
*Half acre & under, 9 treatments

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60 Day Warranty

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*Under ¼ Acre.
*Up to 1/2 acre starting at an additional $40

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Mosquito Free, Guaranteed!
If you see even one mosquito on your property during your service agreement, we will come back the same or next day and respray at no additional charge! We want you to be thrilled with your service! That’s why we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
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Extermination Services

Mosquito Tek provides quality mosquito control to businesses and residents in Fairfax, Annandale, Alexandria, Reston and Springfield, as well as surrounding areas of Arlington. We provide the best mosquito extermination serves in the Arlington country area. With our money back guarantee, along with our services that do not require contracts, you can be sure that we off the best mosquito treatment service in the area. If you consider our stellar reputation and our lowest price guarantee and our ability to offer same day service, it is clear that Mosquito Tek should be your first choice for mosquito control.

Mosquito Control

Mosquito Tek focuses on eliminating the mosquitoes around your home and property. We understand that your family’s safety is important to you, which is we use mosquito sprays that are both effective and safe. Our conventional barrier spray is one of the most effective sprays available on the market and can address the worst areas of mosquito infestation. These treatments will last up to 21 days. Our organic spray treatments are environmentally safe and NOP compliant. Thy will give your, your family and pets the protection they need without damage your plants or other wildlife in the area. This treatment is effective for up to 14 days.

Organic Treatments

For our organic mosquito treatments, we use Essentria insecticide. This is COP compliant and environmentally safe. It is will be safe or your garden and plants, while effectively eliminating mosquitoes. This option is safe for your family, pets and all other wildlife.

Conventional Barrier Spray

Mosquito Spraying
Mosquito Spraying

For our conventional barrier spray treatment, we use Talstar. Talstar is most effective treatment available on the market for the last five years. It provides up to 21 days of protection.

Special Event Mosquito Treatments

If you are planning an outdoor special event, take advantage of our one-time mosquito treatments. This treatment will allow you and your guests to enjoy themselves without worrying about mosquitoes and other biting and flying insects. You can count on a mosquito free event or we will give you a full refund.

Optional Flea and Tick Control

Although our mosquito treatments provide some residual flea and tick extermination, you can also choose to add an optional full strength flea and tick control treatment that will kill all fleas and ticks in your yard, guaranteed. At Mosquito Tek, we want you to be protected from illnesses like Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease and other illnesses carried by fleas and ticks, and our effective treatment will keep your family safe. If your focus is more toward exterminating fleas not only outside of your home but also within your home, our sister company EcoTek provides a thorough flea control treatment plan that will completely eliminate fleas in both locations.

Pest Control Products

At Mosquito Tek, we pride ourselves on using the best commercial grade insecticide repellents and larvicide to keep your home and business free from mosquitoes. In addition to addressing adult mosquitoes, it is also important to treat the larvae and eggs to prevent them from growing into adults. This will give you true mosquito control.

Organic Products and Sprays

Essentria is currently the best organic insecticide available on the market. Essentria offers a truly green solution for protecting your home from mosquitoes. It is safe to be used near water, and it has no aquatic setback.

Conventional Products and Sprays

The Talstar line of commercial grade mosquito control insecticides one of the most trusted and effective product lines on the market. The long residuals from the Talstar produces will continue to work on mosquitoes, fleas and ticks for weeks after the initial treatment

Mosquito Larvicides

Altosid is one of the most effective larvicides available on the market. It will stop mosquitoes from growing into adults and being able to breed. This is effective for up to 30 days after the initial treatment. Altosid can stop mosquitoes from returning to your yard.

Mosquito Tek is proud to be the leading independent mosquito exterminators in the Arlington area. We guarantee Mosquito Free Living and offer the most comprehensive warranty in the business!

Mosquito Tek specializes in residential and commercial pest control services, mosquito barrier treatments, all natural and organic mosquito spray, mosquito misting systems and special event treatments. We proudly serve the entire Northern Virginia region! Call 571-781-1011 for same day service.

We’re The Original Independent Mosquito Elimination Company in the Arlington area.


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