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Fairfax, Virginia is a suburb of Washington, DC. It is about 20 miles west of D.C. “24/7 Wall Street” just listed Fairfax as one of the ten best places to live. With a population of 24,483, Fairfax is a community that welcomes families and professionals (City-Data.com). It has train stop that makes the commute into the city easier. Fairfax itself has several historic sites to visit including the Old Fairfax County Courthouse, the Fairfax Museum and Visitor Center, and the Fairfax Station Railroad Museum. Fairfax has 33 different parks and trail systems throughout the city.

Fairfax hosts many different festivals throughout the year including the annual Chocolate Lovers Festival in February, as well as a National Trails Day, the Irish festival, and the Fall for the Book Festival. There are number of arts and cultural events throughout the year. If you enjoy spending time outdoors, Fairfax gives you plenty of opportunities. The mild winters and humid summers make Fairfax the perfect breeding ground for a number of different insects, including mosquitoes. If you avoid enjoying time outside in your yard because of the insects, Mosquito Tek can help you eliminate the mosquitoes in your yard and allow you to spend time outside with your family again.

Stop Mosquitoes Where They Breed

Many people focus on treating for adult mosquitoes, but at Mosquito Tek, we know that in order to truly control the mosquito population, it is just as important to treat the areas where mosquitoes breed. We do this by eliminating standing water in containers around your property. We will then apply a larvicide to areas that cannot be emptied. When the larvae eat the larvicide it will stop them from developing into adults. This larvicide will not affect other aquatic insects.

Organic and Conventional Treatment Options

At Mosquito Tek, we believe in offering a choice when it comes to mosquito control. We offer two different options to control the mosquitoes on your property. Your technician can discuss the best option for your family and property.

  • Our organic treatments are NOP compliant. We use the Essentria product line which is effective for up to 14 days. It is safe to use on your organic garden and is a good option for restaurant owners with an outdoor patio.
  • Our conventional option has one of the strongest mosquito knockdowns on the market. The Talstar product line is effective for up to 21 days and is safe and effective.

Optional Flea and Tick Control

Mosquito Tek is focused on giving you the best value for your money, which is why we offer an optional affordable flea and tick control upgrade with every mosquito treatment. Fleas can plague your pets causing complications from anemia, tapeworms, and cat scratch fever. Fleas can also carry diseases that affect people like typhus. Ticks also carry diseases such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease that can affect both people and animals. We offer this additional layer of protection and peace of mind with each treatment.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

A Mosquito Tek, we proudly stand behind our service. We understand how important it is to receive the best service for your money, which is why we offer two guarantees. Our product guarantee states that we will respray at no cost to you if you see a mosquito within 48 hours of your first treatment Our money back guarantee states that you can receive a full refund if you are satisfied with our service or treatment. These combined guarantees make Mosquito your best choice for mosquito control in the area. Call to book a treatment today.

Dangers of Mosquitoes


Mosquitoes are more than pesky insects that leave itchy bites, they are known carriers of several serious illnesses including the West Nile virus, which is common in the United States. As you can see on the map at the right, the entire United States has had West Nile virus infections. They can also spread the following diseases:

  • Zika virus
  • Dengue fever
  • Heartworms
  • Malaria
  • Equine encephalitis
  • St. Louis encephalitis

Each of these can be a serious problem to either you or your pets. You can take steps to protect yourself and your family contact Mosquito Tek. We can take care of your Fairfax mosquito control problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mosquito life cycle It is important to understand as much as you can about mosquitoes in order to protect yourself and your family from them. Here are some questions that people ask about mosquitoes.

How does a mosquito bite a person?

A mosquito has a long, pointed mouth, called a proboscis, which they use to pierce the skin. The probiscus has two tubes, one is for drawing blood, and the other injects saliva into the skin.

Are there certain mosquitoes that bite people?

The mosquitoes that bite people are female. They need the protein in the blood to lay their eggs. They will usually rest for a few days before they lay their eggs.

How does a mosquito find its victims?

A mosquito will sense humans in a few different ways. They can smell the odors of human skin from just 100 feet away. They also detect carbon dioxide from over several hundred feet away.

Why are mosquito bites itchy?

When the mosquito bites you, it insects an anticoagulant that will allow the mosquito to keep feeding without your blood clotting. This triggers a mild allergic reaction which causes the small, itchy bumps.

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This will be our 5th season with Mosquito Tek. If it were not for them we would be unable to use our backyard at all. We have a pool and are surrounded by woods. Because of that we have a lot of mosquitos. Thanks to Mosquito Telks treatments, our yard is mosquito free. My husband and daughter are mosquito magnets and react to bites. We are happy with the service and highly recommend them.
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