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Mosquito Control Services

Mosquito Tek offers a mosquito control program that will give you a mosquito free yard this year. Each visit by one of expert technician will contain the same four steps. First, he will assess your yard to identify the pest. Second, he will look for any standing water around your yard. Third he will address the standing water by emptying it from containers and applying a larvicide that will stop the larvae from developing into adult biting mosquitoes. Finally, he will apply a barrier spray that will eliminate the adult mosquitoes and stop new ones from entering your yard. There are two treatment options available and both are extremely effective at eliminating the mosquitoes in your yard. Mosquito Control Services

Organic Mosquito Control Services

At Mosquito Tek, we offer a highly effective organic treatment option that is safe for you, your pets and your plants. This organic, all-natural treatment follows the National Organic Program requirements and is considered safe to use on a vegetable garden or around areas where food is served. This option does require that a treatment be completed every two weeks, while the conventional method does last three weeks. Organic Mosquito Control

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Flea and Tick Control Services

As an added bonus, we offer an optional low cost flea and tick control upgrade with every mosquito treatment. This upgraded service gives your family members an additional layer of protection from the dangers that come from fleas and ticks. With this treatment you will no longer need to deal with the hassle of applying bug spray to you or your children anytime you want to spend time outside in your yard. Flea and Tick Control Services

Special Event Mosquito Control

We offer one-time special event treatment options for any big event that you may be planning. Whether you are planning an outdoor wedding, graduation party or a neighborhood barbecue, we can keep your event free from mosquitoes. Call us as you are planning your event and we will come out to apply a treatment two to three days before the event takes place. We guarantee that your event will be mosquito free. One time Mosquito Treatments

Termite and Pest Control Services

We are also licensed to provide pest control services in and around your home. Our technicians at EcoTek can help with cockroaches, termites, ants and bed bug infestations. We can also help with any rodent issues you may be having. Contact us for a free inspection and estimate today..Termite and Pest Control Services by Ecotek

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